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Information and Disclaimer


UPDATE: I am not currently updating this page. I hope to do a major update by December 2002. If you have any questions, please email me

This webpage was part of My Senior Project that I did in High School. I am not very good at HTML code, but I am trying to get the hang of it. Getting better at HTML code was a part of my project, although the main theme of my project is Student Rights in Public High Schools. Thank you for visiting, I hope you gain some knowledge about students and their rights. I am now attending college, but I will keep this page up for students to find out what rights they have in public high schools.
Recently I have received comments regarding my inclusion of the link to the Columbine High School Memorial Page. My reasoning behind this link is simple, what happened on April 20, 1999 at Columbine High School is one of the most significant events to happen at a public high school in the history of this country. Not only did I know people who attended Columbine at that time, but I wanted to make it clear along with Rights come Responsibilities. If students did not have as many rights as they have the tradgedy at Columbine could and probably would have happened. The issue regarding students and the Columbine Tradgedy is not rights, it is responsibilities.

Tripod does not neccesarily endorse any information found on this page. All images and links are copyright by their respective owners.

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